Techwin manufactures and offers a broad range of mature and custom-designed fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers and laser sources, which are widely used in environment monitoring for LiDAR, remote sensing, time of flight or wind sensing, as well as various fields including illumination, distance measurement, scientific research tasks.

Fiber laser is a laser that utilizes doped optical fiber core as its lasing medium to make it capable of amplifying light, typically ytterbium doped fiber laser, Erbium doped fiber laser and thulium doped fiber laser. Techwin offers a wide range of fiber lasers including pulsed fiber laser, CW fiber laser and fiber laser module. These fiber lasers are available in a wide selection of wavelengths, suitable for fiber optic sensing, coherent communication, scientific research applications, etc.

Fiber amplifier is an optical amplifier that can amplify optical signal directly. As a specialist optical fiber amplifier manufacturer, Techwin offers comprehensive portfolio of fiber amplifiers, such as CW fiber amplifier, doped fiber amplifier, Raman amplifier, etc. These optical fiber amplifiers are widely used in coherent detection system, optical distribution system, fiber optic communication and other fiber optic devices.

Techwin provides industrial lasers including handheld laser welder, fiber laser with high quality, high reliability and excellent cost performance, can meet the requirements of the customer diversification and personalized customization.

Techwin offers a wide range of laser sources including ASE source, singlemode laser source, multimode laser source, pulsed laser source, etc. These fiber light sources are applicable to various fields such as general lab applications, spectrum analysis, fiber-optic communication, scientific research tasks, etc.

Adopting phase mask technique, the fiber Bragg grating is specially designed for high power CW and pulsed fiber lasers and suitable for single mode fiber to large mode area (LMA) fiber, capable of withstanding power over 3kW.

Techwin polarization extinction ratio meter PER-M500 is used to detect the polarization extinction ratio (PER) of polarization-maintaining devices, the degree of polarization of light sources, the extinction ratio of polarization-maintaining fibers and other polarization-maintaining devices.

Techwin is known as an expert company in developing and manufacturing of fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers and fiber sources. We also strive to provide our customers with custom fiber laser solutions suited for your applications. All of our high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers are manufactured following a rigorous quality management system. We are more than happy to share our laser technology with worldwide customers, and committed to earn the ongoing trust of our customers with our industrial fiber lasers coupled with expert support and service in various industrial segments.